Thursday, April 25, 2013

Broiled Tomatoes and Steak with Paleo Powder

After getting home from work and my workout yesterday, I headed to the grocery store.  I was shocked and pleasantly surprised that my "big box" grocery store now actually has grass-fed ribeye steaks.  Excellent.  I picked up one of those and 2 tomatoes.  A few months ago, I tucked this recipe for broiled tomatoes away in my recipe binder to try and it seemed like it was time to try it, but with a Paleo Powder twist.  I'll admit it, it's Paleo Powder week here at the blog.  Yay!  But as I said on Tuesday, I really do like this spice and I've yet to find something that I've not liked it on.  

Before starting the tomatoes, I seasoned my steak with Paleo Powder as I did my pork chops so it could "soak in" a bit while I prepared the tomatoes.  

I started the tomatoes by slicing 3 garlic cloves lengthwise into slivers. Next, I sliced my tomatoes in half.   The recipe calls for 3 recipes, but since I'm just cooking for myself, I decided 2 would work.  

I then stuck the garlic slivers into the 4 tomato halves.  I tried to get an even distribution of slivers in each of the halves.  

Next, I sprinkled a very very small pinch of kosher salt over each half as the recipe only calls for 1/2 teaspoon total and followed it with a sprinkling of Paleo Powder.  I didn't use more than 2 tablespoons of Paleo Powder.  

I wanted to cook my steak and the tomatoes at the same time because they pretty much had the same cooking time, but because I have a broiler drawer this made me make a decision about what dish/pan I was going to use.  For steak, I like using the broiling pan so that the excess fat (though healthy) drips away.  For the tomatoes, I think ideally I'd use the broiling pan without the grate or a baking dish.  I decided to use the broiling pan with the grate for both.  I figured what "pan juices" there were would drip down and I could just spoon them from there after cooking.  

Since I have a gas oven, really I don't need to pre-heat my broiler, but I do like to put my broiler pan in my broiling drawer to pre-heat.  Excuse the lighting of this picture, but I was too lazy to take the pan all the way out of the broiler drawer when I added the food.

I nearly forgot to drizzle the tomatoes with olive oil. Oops.  I decided to use regular olive oil rather than extra virgin as this would be under high heat.  I drizzled a little oil over each tomato.  

At 7 minutes, I flipped the steak and moved the tomatoes around the pan a bit as I know the side of the pan furthest away from the drawer opening is a little hotter on my oven.  

After a total of 14 minutes under my broiler, my meal was done.  

The recipe says to spoon the pan sauce over the tomatoes.  There really wasn't much sauce at all and some of that is surely fat from my steak.  Regardless, I spooned some over my test tomato.

Here is a finished tomato.  He looks kind of lonely there.

He looks better with the company of grass-fed beef and sautéed broccoli and peppers (cooked while the steak and tomatoes broiled).  

Accessibility & Cost of Ingredients:  You should be able to find everything you need for the tomatoes at your "big box" grocery store pretty inexpensively, but for the Paleo Powder which you can get here at the bargain price of $6/bottle.  I'm sure the recipe would be tasty as written, but I often don't like rosemary so the Paleo Powder was a trade up in my opinion.  

Preparation & Cooking Time:  It took me 5 minutes to prepare the tomatoes to broil.  They were under the broiler for 14 minutes.   It took me about 2 minutes to season my steak with Paleo Powder and I broiled it for 7 minutes per side.  

Clean Up:  I used my cheap knife so everything went into the dishwasher.  I did pre-scrub the broiler grate before putting it into the dishwasher.  

The Paleo Review: Thumbs Up!  These tomatoes just melted in my mouth with garlicky  smoky, peppery, tomatoey, sweet goodness.  Yum!  I can only imagine how good and sweet these would be if I had access to fresh homegrown or some farmer's market tomatoes.  I suggest eating these while they are hot right out of the oven.  I reheated one this morning for breakfast and it still tasted good while it was hot.

Another Paleo Powder success!  This is a great flavorful quick side dish to complement any paleo meal.  

If you haven't already, you should enter my Paleo Powder giveaway.  You have until next Tuesday to enter.  

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Blog Note:  If you're Paleo Powdered out, tomorrow will be a new recipe review post, no Paleo Powder involved but for a reminder about the giveaway.