Sunday, April 14, 2013

Announcing Cavegirl Couture Handmade Aprons

If you have gone paleo, dabbling with paleo or just enjoy cooking any food, you will come to appreciate a good apron.  What's that?  You don't have an apron?  Lucky for you in addition to cooking, I have always enjoyed sewing.  I started making a few aprons after I started spending more time in the kitchen, and with a little encouragement from friends, I bring you Cavegirl Couture!

All of the aprons at Cavegirl Couture are handmade by me.  These aprons are perfect gifts for really anyone who likes to cook or entertain.  I've been told that those given one of my aprons have been known to break out in dance or feel the need to sashay about.  Anything that brightens one's time in the kitchen cannot be a bad thing.

The inventory will change as I have time to make and post more.  If you like Cavegirl Couture's facebook page, you'll see all of the aprons I make including the custom orders that never make it to the store.  If you have something special in mind, just let me know, and we can make the apron of your dreams a reality.

Sorry guys, my aprons are probably more appealing to women right now, but I do have a more masculine version in mind that I'll eventually post.  For now, shop for the women in your life or yourself, that is, if your man enough.

Right now, if you live in Austin, until May 5, you can enter to win a great Mother's Day basket from Susan and Shane Epperly at Tigerlily Studios which includes a Cavegirl Couture apron.  Susan and Shane are my massage therapists and I have found no one that can rival their talent in easing whatever muscle aches I have.  I am so honored that they included one of my aprons in such a great basket!

Here's a sampling of what is available at Cavegirl Couture right now.