Monday, October 31, 2016

Product Review: Looseleaf by Chef'n

Soon after suggested the Stalkchop and I put that in my shopping cart, it suggested the Looseleaf -a tool to make prepping kale and greens easier.  I actually bough these in the same order as the Stalkchop was an add-on item and I needed to buy enough to get that shipped - I'm on to you Amazon, really.  There are certain vegetable prep things I really dislike doing and separating the thick hard stalks from greens is one of them.  I usually strip them with my fingers.  It gives me the same feeling that peeling citrus with my fingers does and for some reason, I just hate that feeling.

Could the Looseleaf solve my problems and make greens prep easier and quicker?

Product Review: Stalkchop by Chef'n

I love kitchen gadgets.  My small kitchen has limited my ability to indulge my desire to buy all kitchen gadgets I lay my eyes upon, but every once and I while I decide to live a little and buy something new. recently suggested, in the creepy way that it does, two different gadgets both made by Chef'n.  The first was the Stalkchop which is a device specifically made to make the process of turning a head of cauliflower into neat florets easier and cleaner.