Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sukuma Wiki from The Ancestral Table

My last recipe review before I do my full cookbook summary review from Russ Crandall's The Ancestral Table is Sukuma Wiki.  There is a version of this recipe on his blog The Domestic Man, but it is slightly different from the cookbook version.  I chose this based upon what I had in my refrigerator ready to cook.  I had ground beef ready and all but one of the spices in my pantry.  

I completely messed up my meal planning this week, so I actually made this in the morning post workout before work.  I was glad to see the pictures I took weren't all shaky from the workout (lots of assisted pull ups were involved).  I quickly gathered my ingredients and started to prep them. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rogan Josh from The Ancestral Table

When I first got Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed, her Rogan Josh recipe intrigued me but I never made it.  I think it was a fear of lamb which I had not tried at the time.  While deciding what recipes to review from The Ancestral Table, I saw Russ had his own Rogan Josh recipe and as I now know I like lamb and Sprouts had a sale on lamb, there was no reason not to give this recipe a try.  He has a version of this recipe posted at The Domestic Man, but it is different from the book's.  

I gathered my ingredients and got to work.