Sunday, February 8, 2015

American Lamb Board meets Slow Cooker Lamb Curry

Back in October when I attended the AFBA Byte of Texas conference, the American Lamb Board had a table with all sorts of lamb information and a very knowledgeable representative, Tyler.  I'm no stranger to the the benefits of quality, sustainably grown, humanly raised meat but I had no idea of the fact that lamb was so far ahead of the curve than beef or really any other meat produced in the U.S. in those regards.  They had a sign up to win a leg of lamb, so of course I signed up.  Shortly after the conference, I got an email offering me a leg of lamb!  Awesomeness! I provided my shipping info but no lamb arrived.  I finally got around to following up and it ends up the Internet had eaten my email.  Tyler fixed that and within a few days, a leg of lamb was delivered in the cutest lunch sack ever.  

It says, "Baaaa Appetit!"