Saturday, December 31, 2016

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs - It will be great, they said!

I've mentioned in a few blog posts that I've been slowing getting used to and liking my Instant Pot. Recently, I've seen quite a few social media posts about how great it is hard boiling (or actually steaming) eggs in an Instant Pot.  I've always used a egg cooker to soft or hard boil my eggs and while I don't like having another appliance to deal with, its always done a great job.  Could the Instant Pot finally make my egg cooker a charity donation?  Yesterday, I saw this method recommended at Jay's Baking Me Crazy as a good method to use on social media.  I want to say that this was recommended by The Kitchn's facebook feed but of course, now I can't find the post that recommended it, so don't hold me to that.  I had a few eggs to spare, so I headed to the kitchen.  

The thing that took me time with this recipe was locating where in my little kitchen I had stashed the wire cooking rack that came with the Instant Pot.  The instructions called for 16 eggs.  I took a chance and only used 6.  I figured, certainly you shouldn't have to make 16 eggs at at time to have success.  When the Instant Pot declared them done, I used the quick release method to get them out and promptly into an ice bath.  

After cooling, came the test:  were they cooked and were they easy to peel.  Sadly, no they were not on both counts.  Here's my first attempt at peeling one.  I threw this mess away.  It's what I'd call a soft boil with respect to doneness.  

Here is the best peeled example I came out with in 6 attempts.  It's not hard boiled.  I actually like soft boiled eggs but not when Im looking for hard boiled.

The Paleo Review:  Use Caution!  I posted my egg fail picture on my personal facebook page and started to get comments in from friends that have tried other methods and decided that this review wouldn't be a review as I typically write them.   This seems to be a very temperamental thing to make in an instant pot as my friends didn't all agree to one way or the other bringing success.   Perhaps you do have to make 16 eggs to get the linked method to work?  Until I find a solid method, I'll stick to using my little egg cooker which has never failed me.  

This seems like a food quest that I should pursue, but I'll need your help.  What method have you found success with in making hard boiled eggs in an Instant Pot?  If I get a suggestion, I'll try it out and update this post.