Saturday, December 31, 2016

Field Company Cast Iron Skillet

Months and months ago, I started to see posts from those in my social media feeds talking about a Kickstarter campaign for a cast iron skillet.  I was intrigued.  The Field Company said they were redesigning the cast iron skillet to be lighter, smoother, better seasoned and more comfortable to use. 

Could it be true?  I decided to take the risk and backed the kickstarter.  I was so happy to have received two of these 8" skillets right before Christmas. Behold!  

They are just as pretty as I hoped they would be, but would they cook better?  I have a lodge 8" skillet that I have lovingly tried to season but have always been a little disappointed in it.  I've watched several videos about smoothing out the surface of a lodge skillet and have even bought everything I'd need to try to do that, but haven't as I didn't want to ruin a good pan without having a replacement.  

Though the pan comes specially seasoned, they recommend adding some extra fat while building on the the seasoning at first.  No problem.  I added about a tablespoon of coconut oil and left the pan to warm on medium heat.  

Just look at that surface.  Swoon.  

It only seems right that bacon be the first thing to be cooked in this pan.

Followed by scrambled eggs.  Eggs?  Gasp!  In a new cast iron pan?  Yes.  Eggs!  Glorious!

There was no sticking.  Check out this pan right after removing the eggs.  

 A brief break to check out the breakfast this pan produced for me right out of the box.

 I used water and a microfiber washcloth to wipe out the skillet.  I added a little coconut oil and heat, heated the skillet and wiped out the excess.  Just look at the mirror finish of this pan.  

Just for comparison, on the left, is a nearly new lodge skillet.  On the right is the brand new field pan. I can't get over the smoothness or the performance of the Field Company skillet.  There simply is no comparison.  

The Paleo Review:  Double Thumbs Up!  This was well worth the risk and wait.  This pan is remarkable and will only get better in time.  

The Field Skillet is about a pound lighter than my 8 inch Lodge skillet, but it seems even lighter.  I think the longer handle contributes to that perception.  The handle also stays cool for longer than my Lodge skillet.  Now, be careful!  It does get hot, eventually.  Bonus -it's made in the U.S.A!

Just for comparison, on the left, is a nearly new Lodge skillet.  On the right is the brand new Field Company pan. I can't get over the smoothness or the performance of the Field Company skillet. There simply is no comparison. 

I bought these in the Kickstarter campaign and paid $175 for the two.  They are currently collecting emails for a waiting list for when they start producing pans outside of fulfilling the Kickstarter orders. When they offer them in regular production, I have no idea how much a skillet will cost.  

If you have the means, when these become more widely available, I highly recommend getting one.  

Happy Almost New Year! 2016 has been quite a year and I, for one, am glad it's over.  I continue to think about ways I can revamp this blog.   Reviews will always be a part but I'm wondering if I shouldn't start doing more of a food diary to fill in the weeks where it's simply not practical for me as a single person to cook something new.  I don't see many blogs of that kind around anymore.  Thoughts?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?