Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quest for Condiments: Paleo Ketchup

And so it begins, my quest for paleo ketchup.  A few months ago, I mentioned that I was going to try start testing condiment recipes to fill flavor gaps that I have been missing since adopting a paleo diet.  Ketchup is a huge flavor gap for me.  

As most of the recipes I've found for paleo ketchup are pretty short, so I'll update this post as I go along.  Of course, if I find a really good one and this quest can come to an end, that recipe will get its own post.  Without further ado, the first recipe in my quest.

Recipe #1 Simple Ketchup

This recipe for "Simple Ketchup" is from The Paleo Lifestyle Diet.  As usual, I started by gathering my ingredients.  

Simple pretty much says it all.  You basically measure out all of your spices, combine everything, and refrigerate it overnight.  I started taking pictures of all this but decided it would be pretty boring to look at.

I mixed my ingredients in a storage container so it could go straight into the refrigerator.  

Here is the completed ketchup.  

The Condensed Paleo Review:  Meh.  You should be able to find all of the ingredients for this recipe at your "big box" grocery store.  It's super easy to mix up.  The flavor for me was just not right.  I need to spend some time trying to figure out exactly which spice is out of proportion as most ketchup recipes have some variation of these same spices.  The quest continues.  

Do you have any ketchup recipes that I should include in my quest?  Give me your suggestions in the comments or through the recipe suggestion widget.  

Blog Note:  I've actually had this post in my queue for a while and haven't wanted to post it as I fear some might find it boring.  Well, every quest has to start somewhere and at least I think ketchup is important!  I'm have a pretty busy week non-blog wise, so today seemed to be the right time to publish it.  If this is your first time to the blog, take a look at some other main dish posts.  I can't believe I've already posted over 70 recipe reviews since last July and most are really good recipes.  I try to have at least one main dish a week.  I've got a great post with a recipe from Practical Paleo in the works for Friday.  Stay tuned!