Monday, October 31, 2016

Product Review: Looseleaf by Chef'n

Soon after suggested the Stalkchop and I put that in my shopping cart, it suggested the Looseleaf -a tool to make prepping kale and greens easier.  I actually bough these in the same order as the Stalkchop was an add-on item and I needed to buy enough to get that shipped - I'm on to you Amazon, really.  There are certain vegetable prep things I really dislike doing and separating the thick hard stalks from greens is one of them.  I usually strip them with my fingers.  It gives me the same feeling that peeling citrus with my fingers does and for some reason, I just hate that feeling.

Could the Looseleaf solve my problems and make greens prep easier and quicker?

And wouldn't you like to see more pictures?  I would!  I mentioned in my Stalkchop review that my iphone decided to quit syncing and illness struck as I was trying to get these two reviews posted by the end of the month, so alas, for now, no pictures.  Sadness.  I'll amend the post when I am feeling better and have the fight in me to prevail over the iphone and iphoto.  Why the hurry?  To maintain my AFBA membership!

I started with some curly kale.  It did OK, but at some point, it would just make the kale break away from the stalk rather than fully removing the stalk.

The collard green stalks I had were too thick to use the tool.

I didn't have any fresh herbs on hand to try the smaller holes, but when I do I'll update

The Paleo Review:  Thumbs 3/4's down!  I don't think this tool actually makes the task of removing the stalks from greens any quicker, easier or cleaner, sadly.  I'll keep tinkering with it just to see if there's some trick to it that my review session didn't bring forth.  It does work to some degree so I didn't think a full thumbs down was fair.  If this pops up in your Amazon suggestions or you happen upon it in the wild, I'd leave it on the shelf and out of your cart.