Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook by Angie Alt

It seems like just yesterday that I started to cook some recipes from Angie Alt's Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook, but it was actually September.  Angie graciously provided me with an electronic copy of her cookbook for review and I have since bought the paperback copy myself as penance for being so slow to review the book. I've now cooked four recipes from the book and I do believe I'm ready to do my summary post.  I'd thought about doing one more recipe, but I thought this would be a nice way to end the year.  Spoilers, but I'll probably be reviewing a few more recipes from this book in the future.  Let's take a look at what I've made so far.  

I started with the Coffee and Balsamic Rubbed Roast Beef.  I actually made this twice.  The first time, I used the slow cooker to make it and the second time, I followed the recipe instructions and used the oven.  What was surprising to me was that this recipe had an all around nice beefy flavor.  The coffee and vinegar weren't prominent flavors to me in either preparation though I'm sure they contributed to how well it tasted.   This was a definite thumbs up!

Next up, were the Bacon & Artichoke Stuffed Pork Chops.  The simple goodness of this recipe earned it a thumbs up!  Make sure to make extra stuffing as it was good enough by itself, though I'm sure its proximity to pork didn't hurt the flavor.  I'm putting this on my cook for company list as its pretty for presentation and looks impressive, though it's pretty easy to make.  Thumbs up!

What goes better with pork chops than Lemony Roasted Brussels Sprouts? These sprouts were spectacular and have become a go to recipe for roasted sprouts in my kitchen which says a lot as there are many roasted sprouts recipes out there.  Thumbs up!

The grand finale so to speak of the recipes I've cooked so far were the Mustard Chicken Wings. These wings made my week.  Of course, I was luck to start with great high quality chicken wings from Tendergrass Farms (that I purchased myself), but the recipe gave them excellent flavor.  Yum.  If you're looking for a break from hot wings, this is the recipe for you.  Make sure to make a double batch as you'll regret it if you don't.  

The Paleo Review:  Thumbs Up!  I've really enjoyed cooking recipes from this cookbook.  Angie really has put together a great resource for someone wanting to try an Autoimmune Paleo protocol. She starts by talking about what autoimmune disease is, what AIP is, and then details a 5 week elimination plan to exclude the foods that may be problematic for you.  If eliminating foods is scary to you, well, turn the page, as she then provides a 4 stage reintroduction plan.  The recipes in the book are organized by the elimination and reintroduction phases.  She tells you want to look for as you move through her approach and gives a food journal template to help you keep track.  

Something I realize going through my recipes reviews from this cookbook is that I've not really made a to do about the fact that these recipes are AIP compliant.  Why?  Well, I prefer to look at things from an AIP template as simply being good recipes.  It's just a bonus that more people can enjoy them.  

Each recipe has its own full color pretty photograph.  There is a resource list and a by ingredient index at the end of the book as well.  Fancy.  I like having both the paperback and the electronic version of this cookbook.  The electronic book is great for me to reference while out and about or at work if I decide to cook something and the paperback is great for keeping in the kitchen during a cooking session.

While cooking through these recipes, one word that kept coming up for me was simple.  I have quite a collection of paleo cookbooks.  Some by popular authors that I have yet to cook a singe thing from simply because the presentation of the recipe is so busy, I find it daunting and stressful.  I need more simple in my life.  Angie Alt's presentation of her plan and recipes is thoughtful, but simple.  That's not an easy thing to accomplish, but she's done it.  

If you're looking for a great new AIP recipe recourse, give Angie Alt's Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook a try.  

Blog Note:  Remember there is a GIVEAWAY going on through January 8, 2016 for a chance to win a The Paleo Review coffee mug!  The odds still look pretty good as of the publishing of this post. 

End of the Year Note:  Wow, has it been a year already?  2015 has been a hard year in many respects but also a good year.  If I were a good blogger, I'd detail intimate details of my year, but I just can't do that for a number of reasons.  I can say had ambitious to do more with the blog this past year, but life had other plans.  I appreciate anyone who has continued to support the blog despite my sporadic posting and especially appreciate anyone who has made it to the end of this post to read these words.  

I saw a Facebook post in a food blogger group I'm in recently where an informal poll was done where readers were asked if they like to read stories with recipes or do they just want recipes.  The resounding answer was that they skip the stories and just look for recipes.  After reading that, I wondered if continuing with this blog was a good idea or not.  My posts are essentially stories around recipes or products.  Shoot.  Does that mean no one is reading this at all?  Are all the page views Russian spam bots? 

I'm debating a change in format to exclude the detailed run through of the recipes and just give the review section.  This would certainly cut down on the amount of time each post takes me to draft and might make it more likely I'll be able to post more often, but I like the way the detail exposes some unexpected things about a recipe.  But this blog isn't about me really.  Anyone have any input? What's helpful to you?

Regardless, I plan to keep plugging along here in some form or fashion.  

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Sources/Affiliate Disclosure-  I received a digital copy of this cookbook for review from the author.  I since purchased a hard copy of the cookbook with my own money.   The links in this post are affiliate links.  All of my opinions expressed here are my own.