Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Paleo Approach Cookbook by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD

I was so excited to have received a review copy of Sarah Ballantyne's The Paleo Approach Cookbook.  This 400+ page cookbook very well may be the bible of AIP cooking.  

The first hundred pages are filled with information regarding what foods are included in autoimmune protocol cooking, cooking methods, food storage, tools, meal plans and shopping lists.  Amazing. Following that are hundreds of pages of recipes that are cataloged in the table of contents and a lovely pictorial recipe index.  The book also has very detailed written index.  Love.  

As you well know, I'm not one to judge a cookbook by pretty pictures, so I picked out five recipes to get an idea of just how good of a cookbook this might be.  

First, I tried the "Spaghetti." Not only did this recipe give me a new way to cook spaghetti squash, it makes a meaty and filling weeknight dinner with a total preparation and cooking time of 40 minutes.  

Next up, I tried Sarah's Roasted Radishes.  If you've been limiting radishes to salads and veggie trays, you're missing out.  This inexpensive and overlooked vegetable can make a colorful side dish to brighten up any dinner plate.  

I'd been meaning to try my hand at pickle making for a while, and Sarah's easy instructions gave me the confidence to do it.  Her Green Tea and Garlic Pickles don't require a lot of hands on time to make some great pickles.  I have a little tweaking to do to get them just right to my palate, but I'll certainly enjoy eating pickles as I experiment.   

Though you know I'm a fan of the quick weeknight dinner, I'm not afraid of a dish that takes a little time to simmer.  Sarah's Sweet Potato Linguine with Bolognese Sauce, though it takes a few hours to simmer on the stove, it's worth every minute.  

My last recipe stop was the Apple Chicken Sausage.  If you make a batch of these patties and freeze them,  a treat often reserved for a big weekend breakfast is easily within reach any day of the week.  

The Paleo Review:  Thumbs Up!  What an awesome resource to have in your kitchen.  I know when I was considering adopting an autoimmune protocol, this was just the detailed resource I was looking for.  

Though my reviews for the blog are done for now, Sarah dedicates an entire chapter to offal recipes that are calling me to give offal a try again.  She also has a sauerkraut recipe that I'm itching to try.   

I realized as I worked on the posts for each of these recipes the fact that they were AIP didn't occur to me.  To me, they were just great recipes.  So what are you waiting for?  Get a copy for your your kitchen's cookbook shelf!  

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