Thursday, February 13, 2014

Butter Garlic Wings from Food Lover's Kitchen

I'm always looking for a new chicken wing recipe.  This recipe for Butter Garlic Wings from Food Lover's Kitchen has been out for a while, but its new to me.  I was flipping through Make it Paleo and decided it was high time I try them.  

There weren't many ingredients for the wings.  

The recipe is pretty simple.  You basically combine the butter and garlic in a sauce pan and let it boil and simmer per recipe instructions.  

After adding a some salt to the butter sauce, you pour it over the chicken wings.  Make sure the chicken is all well covered by the sauce and put them into a pre-heated oven.  I set a timer for 50 minutes.  

After putting the wings in the oven, I prepared the dill dip.  I used Diana Rodger's recipe for Paleo Mayo. Once you have your paleo mayo made, finishing the dip is just a matter of measuring and mixing.  

After 50 minutes in the oven, I set another timer for 10 minutes so that they would brown a bit more.  

Here is my plate.

After taking a few pretty pictures, I piled up a plateful with the dill dip and tasted them. 

Accessibility & Cost of Ingredients: You should be able to find everything you need at your "big box" grocery store except for the grass fed Kerrygold butter.  You might have to go to Whole Foods or Sprouts for that.

Preparation & Cooking Time: It took me 30 minutes to prepare these wings to bake.  It would likely take me the full 15 minute stated time if I hadn't cheated with pre-minced garlic.  I baked the wings for 60 minutes.  It took me about 10 minutes to prepare the sauce.

Clean Up:  Everything I used went into the dishwasher.

The Paleo Review:  Thumbs Moderately Up!  These wings were good, but not great.  They didn't have much of a butter/garlic flavor despite being bathed in butter.  I've used pre-minced garlic in many recipes and its always provided plenty of garlic flavor, so don't think using freshly minced would up the flavor that much.  The sauce was also just a moderate thumbs up for me.  Meh. 

Do you have a favorite wing recipe?  I have some Tendergrass Farms wings I need to make and want a really special recipe for them. 

And the Tendergrass Farms T-Shirt and The Paleo Review Mug Giveaway winner is: Amber!  I've emailed her, so hopefully she'll claim her prize in time!  Thank you to everyone who entered.