Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hot Wings from Paleo Indulgences

I love buffalo hot wings.  I've seen many paleo recipes for them, but have never made them before.  After enjoying the fish sticks from Tammy Credicott's Paleo Indulgences: Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes to Satisfy Your Primal Cravings , I thought I'd give her wing recipe a try.  What's great about this recipe, if you omit the honey, as I did, its not really that much of an "indulgence."  Unfortunately, I don't see that this recipe has been posted by Tammy or anyone else yet online, so you'll have to get the book.    

First, I gathered my ingredients and pre-heated my oven.  

I then measured out all of my spices for the rub.  

I mixed up the rub and got ready to put my latex gloves on to spice the chicken.  Are gloves necessary? No, but I have a thing about mixing raw meat with my hands and it just makes washing up that much easier.

I added my coconut oil to the chicken after I melted it in the microwave.  I added the spice rub and mixed it up with my gloved hands until the chicken was fully coated. 

The recipe instructs you to put the chicken in a greased foil lined baking sheet.  Because the end goal was crispy chicken, I decided to use my backing rack.  I still lined the baking sheet with foil to make clean up a bit easier.  

While the chicken was baking for its first 30 minutes, I made the hot sauce.  The sauce is super easy to make.  Other than chopping up the onions and mincing the garlic, its really just a matter of measuring out spices into your saucepan.  

Once all of your ingredients are in the pan, give it a good stir.  

The instructions have adding the hot sauce of your choice kind of as an afterthought rather than part of the recipe itself.  Don't forget to add it or you will be disappointed with the lack of heat in your sauce!  It doesn't provide any guideline as to how much hot sauce to add.  I started with 1/4 cup.  After mixing it in, I tasted and thought it needed more heat.  I added another 1/4 cup.

After 30 minutes, I turned up my oven temperature as directed and set my timer for an additional 20 minutes.  At about 18 minutes, the aroma in my house went from the "yummy chicken cooking" smell to the "something may be burning" smell.  Thankfully, the chicken was not burnt and I decided to take the the chicken out 2 minutes early.  

With the idea that I'd have leftovers, I put my wings into a glass Pyrex storage dish to mix in the sauce.  

The recipe does not tell you how much sauce to add.  It says enough to "make you happy."  I started with about 1/4 cup and really that was enough to coat the wings.  

Steamy hot chicken wings!

I reserved one drumette to try plain.

Here is my finished plate!

Accessibility and Cost of Ingredients:  You should be able to find all of your ingredients at your "big box" grocery store.  The only thing that you may have to search for is the smoked paprika.  This is quickly becoming one of my favorite spices.  Don't  skip this ingredient.  It really contributes to the flavor of the chicken.

Preparation/Cook Time: It took me 14 minutes to get the chicken spiced and into the oven.  I cooked my chicken for a total of 48 minutes.  Just because I timed it, it took me 12 minutes to prepare the sauce but this while the chicken was cooking.

Clean Up:  Everything except my knife and sauce pot could go in the dishwasher.  Because I used my baking rack, I did have to pre-scrub it a bit.

The Paleo Review:  Thumbs Up!  These wings were awesome!  As for leftovers, there were none.  I couldn't stop myself.  I think I will add a bit more cayenne pepper next time to the chicken rub to up the heat. The drumette I reserved with out sauce was quite crisp and tasty!

I had some sauce left over, so I froze it.

I recommend you indulge in these chicken wings!

Post Script:  I've been doing some dietary tweaking with my paleo RD and we are experimenting with how I do with less fat.  So, I'm trying to stick with leaner meats so I can still enjoy fats on my veggies.  I made a batch of the rub and applied it to boneless skinless chicken thighs.  I baked them at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes and they were lovely even without the sauce.