Monday, November 30, 2015

Paleo Snack Round Up

Howdy!  I've had this post in draft form for ages!  At this past PaleoFX, I was given yet another snack to review, so I decided it was high time to put this post out there.  When I started drafting this post, it seemed there weren't many options out there for paleo snacks, but that's certainly not the case any longer.  In fact, I have so many snacks to include in this post, I've been putting it off like one of those to do lists that's gotten too long.  Ok, let's do this. 

I honestly don't buy many paleo snacks.  Why?  Well, they tend to be expensive and a bit calorie dense/high sugar for me and my personal paleo template.  Every once in a while you need something portable for a road or camping trip.  The products in this post would be what I would suggest for those times of need.   As there are many goodies, I'll keep my comments pretty brief  on each.  

Hopper Crunch

I'll start with the latest snack I've tried, Hopper Crunch.  Hopper Crunch reached out to me on Twitter, I met them at PaleoFX and they gave me a bag of their granola for review.   Thanks guys!  It's an Austin, Texas  company that incorporates cricket flour into their paleo granola.  I am glad I got over my cricket fear and gave this a try.  It's excellent.  Its made mainly with nuts, seeds, honey and of course cricket flour.  What I liked about this is that the cricket flour was not obvious and had no flavor from what I could tell.  I liked the Cacao & Cayenne best out of the varieties they had to taste at PaleoFX.   The Paleo Review:  Thumbs Up!

It's just tasty paleo granola kicked up with a little cricket flour!

Wholly Bites

Sticking with the paleo granola theme, might I recommend Wholly Bites.  I must apologize to them as they sent me samples for review long ago.   I'm sorry.  Better late than never.  

Wholly Bites are paleo granolas mainly made with seeds, nuts, coconut, dates and honey.  It looks like they have added a variety since I received these three samples for review.   My favorite flavor was the Apricot Pecan Cluster.  I could really taste some nice apricot sweetness.  I liked the mix of texture between crunchy and chewy clusters.    I actually took these three to work and got some opinions from others. One coworker really liked the curry and was surprised to like a curry flavor in a snack.  Curry was my second favorite.   The Paleo Review:  Thumbs Up!


Yawp! bars are basically a paleo granola in a bar, in my humble opinion.  I also owe Yawp! an apology as they gave me 3 bars for review a while back and well, I'm awful.  Sorry.  But here they are and I really like these bars.  Why?  They are crunchy!  

There are times I miss chips or other crunchy foods and a  Yawp! bar can fill that craving with a little sweetness.  They are all natural and actually fairly low carb for a bar at under 13 grams.  Yawp! just uses dates to add sweetness rather than honey or other natural sweeteners.  They are even Whole 30 approved!  There are three flavors, Naked, Coconut Chai and Cafe Mocha.  My favorite is the Naked. The Paleo Review:  Thumbs Up!

Primal Pacs

Lets switch gears to jerky!  A year or two ago at PaleoFX, Primal Pacs were kind enough to give me a  small package of their jerky, nuts and fruit for review.  In fact, the kind reps gave me a cute tank top that I hope to fit into one day.   Sorry for the delay Primal Pacs!  

When you open up a small size Primal Pacs, here is what you get.  Doesn't everyone dissect their jerky packs in this fashion?   

What's great about Primal Pacs is that the jerky is from grass fed beef and other than the sweetness from the dried fruit, there are no added sweeteners.  What I really like about Primal Pacs over other jerky and dried fruit packages out there is that they aren't mushy.  I've noted that other brands packaging turns everything into a mush that can't be separated without making a mess.  Not the case here.  The Paleo Review:  Thumbs up!

Jilz Gluten Free Crackerz

Have you thrown a party and missed having crackers?  Might I suggest Jilz Gluten Free Crackerz  I found these at PaleoFX a few years ago.  I was given nothing to review this beyond the samples at their table available to everyone in the expo.  The problem I have with many "paleo" baked goods is that the alternative flours just don't taste right.  Jilz Crackerz are the only cracker I've tried so far that are completely grain free that don't fall into that over powering flavor-after taste trap.  These crackers are crispy and just taste great.  My favorite flavor was Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt.  

One of my favorite uses for these crackers is to top them with some grass fed summer sausage. Instant appetizer!  The Paleo Review:  Thumbs Up!

The Granilla Bar

Another bar that I've tried at PaleoFX is The Granilla Bar.  I was given nothing to include this bar in my review.  If you are looking for something really sweet or like a traditional quaker chewy granola bar, this is it.  This company hails from my hometown, Houston, TX. 

These bars are grain free, soy free, dairy free and of course gluten free. The dark chocolate honey bar was my favorite of the their 3 flavors.  This would be on my very occasional treat list.  The Paleo Review:  Thumbs Up!

Epic Bars

And finally, I couldn't not include Epic Bars in this snack post.  They have so many varieties now, I wont even try to list them.  I think they've changed packaging on some of these bars recently as well. Regardless,  once you find a flavor you like, its great to keep these bars on hand for snacks or when you don't have time for a meal. 

The bars all more or less look like this.  My favorite variety lately is beef.  There's just a little heat from the habenero.  By no means does this bar set your mouth on fire.  I never taste much of the cherry which is fine by me.  

My second favorite is the Turkey which has a nice crunch from almonds.  The lamb bar is a nice herby change. My least favorite is the bison.  Just my personal preference as it might be your favorite. Epic uses high quality meats in its bars which is important to me.  They are also pretty inexpensive as bars go.  Did I mention I was given nothing by Epic to include them in this review?  The Paleo Review:  Thumbs Up!

So there it is, my current run down of Paleo Snacks I've tried and liked.  I've noted where I was given samples.  Regardless, my opinions are my own.  I hope this is helpful to some of you in choosing your next paleo snack or treat.  I might supplement this post in the future as I try new things.  I apologize for the odd formatting issues in this post.  Blogger was not working with me tonight.

Do you have a favorite paleo snack/treat?