Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Efficient Exercise Week 27 & 28

It's a busy time of the year for a variety of reasons, and sadly, it's impacted my training schedule.  In week 27, I only had a one on one workout and no group workout and in week 28, only a group workout and no one on one workout.  I figured I'd merge the two weeks for a full workout post.  

Week 27 One On One Workout:  And one to grow on. 

This week was the week of my birthday.  Matt had actually wanted to workout on my birthday, but I had plans.  When I came into the gym, he asks me how old I'd be.  I foolishly told him.  

If you look at the hip press picture, you'll note that there is something different going on here.  Matthew added the bands to the weight.  For some reason, he decided that I was going to do 38 repetitions of every exercise we did in the workout.  He broke the hip presses down into sets of 5.  He says the bands add "a lot" of weight and force you to focus on explosive movement as if you try to grind through its just going to get harder and harder.  We started with 300 pounds for the first 5.  Oh my goodness this was hard.  He thankfully took me down to 245 pounds for the next 5 and then 200 pounds for the rest.

He's right the bands do add quite a bit of weight.  I think I involuntarily cried out once or twice trying to complete the final repetitions.  At some point he tells me to earn those years.  I told him I already have!  If you ever want a case of wobbly legs, do this - the younger you are the better.  

Next up, Matthew took me over to a bench to do 38 dumb bell bench presses.  He hands me a set of 25 pound dumb bells  and sets a pair of 20 pounders on the ground next to us and whispers, "those are for later."  It is never good when your trainer whispers.  Again, we attacked these in sets of 5.  We decided to make the last set one of 8.  I needed some serious spotting on those last 8.  Wobbly legs meet wobbly arms.  He then picks up the 20 pound dumb bells and says we didn't need them.  What?  I could have gone down in weight?  Go me. 

And then there was a bit of a reprieve: medicine ball sit ups.  Matthew handed me a medicine ball and told me to throw it at him on the way up.  Sure thing!  I kid. I kid.  I went through all 38 repetitions in a row - no rest.  

We finished this workout with 3 reps each of ARx Leg Press and Bench Press for max.  I didn't hit a new max on the leg press, but I blame the hip press for that.  I did hit a new max on the bench press. Go old me!  

I was almost not sad that I didn't have a group workout this week as my legs stayed sore for much longer than usual.  BANDS!

Group Workout Week 28- You're going where?  

Part of the reason I've not had a few workouts is Matthew has been busy graduating from college and interviewing for jobs.   Unfortunately, Matthew is leaving Austin to pursue a great position far far away.  When I arrived at the gym for the group workout this week, Tracey, a new Efficient Exercise trainer was there to observe.  The weather was awful and as its pretty close to the holiday, so there were only 3 of us.  

I must say, she observed likely my worst performance in an Efficient Exercise workout to date.  I feel somewhat bad about it, but I'm human.  After over a week of no workout and with the stress of the holidays approaching, I was in a really lazy bad mood place.   I felt weak.  The news that Matthew was leaving amplified that lazy/weakness.  I think it brought the whole group down a little which is to be expected as he has been a great trainer for the group.   

I decided to start with my least favorite exercise on the list, burpees.  Matthew wanted me to go faster on these, but I was really doing the best I could.  If there was one exercise that I was proud of my performance on in this workout, it was the tru squat.  I knew Matthew would want me to squat lower than felt comfortable.  I accepted it and concentrated on making it through.

There were some old favorites that haven't been in a workout for a while like chin ups and dips.  I could feel those muscles that haven't been used in a while on these exercises.  Matthew kindly helped me get up on the last set of chin ups.  Ouch.   

My lazy and fatigue kept me from doing the bonuses.  Matthew guilted me into doing 2 minutes of T-Bar rows which felt awful.  

There is a lesson here.  There have been several weeks where I know that I've felt better from having gone and  worked out.  There hasn't been a week in a long time that I haven't had at least 2 workouts whether at Efficient Exercise or at home.  The level of lazy I reach in only having the one workout just can't happen again.  It's not a good place.  It won't happen again even if I have to get creative and make up some sort of workout myself.  

Matthew has been an important part of my life since I started workout out with him in June.  I may gripe a bit and give him dirty looks sometimes, but I really have learned and appreciated the attention and care he has given to training me.  I really do wish him the best in this next phase in his life.  

Knowing Keith Norris and his high standards for his gym, I'm sure Tracey will be great.  Matthew will lead us in one final group workout next weekend and he's promised something special!  
Matthew and Tracey- Taken with unsteady post workout hands.