Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Efficient Exercise Week 26

One on One Recap:  All that?  Again?

For the past few weeks, it seems my one on one workouts have had 2 or three mini-circuits of 2-3 exercises.  Not today.  We got started and kept going.  Whenever you think you know what's going to go on in a workout, things change.  That's the Efficient Exercise way.  The workout started with the 360 push pull and chest fly.  After that, the ARx pulldown.  I hit a new max in my 5 reps on this exercise.  

Next up, a different variation on one of my favorites, a push up position plank.  Instead of planking on my forearms, Matthew asked me to basically get into the top position of a push up.  Paying attention to keep my arms under my chest .  He had me hold this for 45 seconds.  After that, he had me do lunge cable flies.  He set the weight pin at 50 pounds.  For 10 repetitions he had me press my hands into a foam brick.  After the first ten repetitions, I went back into the push up position plank.  And then, switching legs, I had 10 more repetitions of flies, but this time without the foam brick.  Are your arms tired yet?

Next up, goblet squats.  Matthew pulled out three different weights, a 30, 40 & 50 pounds.  He started me out doing 12 repetitions with the 30 pound weight, then 10 with the 40 pound weight.  I'd take a short break between the weight changes.  Matthew says you should get started on the next set about 5 seconds before you think you're ready, so I dove back in.  Though I've been working up weight wise on the goblet squat, the 50 pound weight brought up bad memories.  Matthew then tells me that a classmate of mine did the 50 pound weight the other day.  Well if she did, I can.  He had me do 8 repetitions with the 50 pound weight.  No problem. Well, it was challenging but no problem in the big scheme of things.  

From there, I went to the ARx leg press with a twist.  Matthew had me resist for until I was about 1/2 into the press and then had me hold my resistance for :20 seconds.  He followed this by 2 continuous repetitions.  Ouch.  This wore me out super quick.     

Was I done?  Nope, I went through this entire circuit all over again.  

Group Workout:  Fire Cats reunited!

I knew it was going to be a great workout when both Wes and Paul arrived for the group workout.  There were eight of us total ready for a HIIRT workout to warm us up.  It was 32 degrees outside.  

My partner noticed that there were fewer exercises on the board than usual.  Matthew slyly says, well its easier and then again its not.  He then went through all of the exercises on the board.  Once he was done, he says we are going to start out with 8 rounds of tabata squats- the missing exercise.  There's nothing like tabata squats to wear you out at the beginning of the workout.  In the last rounds and finally the end of the 4 minutes of this "warm-up"  there was a bit of moaning in the group.  Wes announces that we've brought out our sex noises.  Laughter distracts you from pain.  Oh, this is going to be a good workout.  

Matthew then assigned each pair to their starting station and he wondered after the squats if there were any volunteers for the kettle bell swings.  I volunteered and my poor partner came along.  I momentarily felt bad about volunteering her but ends up she doesn't do the swing due to an injury, so I'm not as big of a jerk as I thought I was.  I used the 45 pound kettlebell and it really wasn't that bad right after the squats.  

For me the hardest exercise in this workout after the tabata warm up was the prisoner push up.  This is where you do a push up and then a knee in and then another push up followed by a knee in and then finally you jump up vertical.  I also found the flutter kick bonus to be hard to get through a full minute without taking a break.  I made it through three rounds of each bonus.  

On the Russian leg curl, there was no block to gauge distance.  Matthew said to resist going forward for as long as possible and then brace your fall with your hands.  For some reason this didn't seem as challenging to me as using the brick.  

I miss the brick.
The group was pretty quiet after the tabata squats.  The fire cats were surprisingly quiet but are still working themselves back into the routine, but really I think the tabata squats wore all of us out.  A quiet gym means there's hard work going on.  While most of the exercises were familiar to me, it was a challenging workout.  When I came into the gym that day, I was a bit stiff and wasn't in my best mood, but I felt better when I left.  

Who knew workout out hard could actually make you feel better.  Does this ever happen to you?