Thursday, December 12, 2013

Efficient Exercise Week 25

One on One Recap:  AMRAP

The holidays are upon us and schedules are getting tight.  Matthew and I met up the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for my one on one workout.  He knows how to prepare me for a meal. 

He set out some dumbbells, a mat and the white board.  

One on One Recap: AMRAP

As Many Repetitions As Possible (AMRAP) was a new workout for me.  The workout only had three exercises, the dumbbell thruster, push-up and air squat.  Matt gave me the goal of at least two rounds  of these exercises in 3 minutes, but three, he said, was totally doable.   Then I'd get to rest a minute.  

The first exercise was the dumb bell thruster with 15 pound weights.  I only had to complete 3 repetitions of this exercise.  As I made it through the rounds, I looked forward to this exercise as a very short lived break.  

The second exercise was the push up.  Matt coached me on these as I was putting my arms out too far. They needed to be more aligned with my chest.  With 6 repetitions of this exercise, it still didn't seem so bad.  

The final exercise, was the killer: air squats.  He tells me that this exercise is also called "Toyotas" but said he didn't know why.  Oh my, I feel old.  I told him about the old Toyota commercials where there was always someone jumping in the end.  He had no recollection of this.  I did not look nearly as happy as the old Toyota actors triumphantly jumping next to their new automobile completing 9 repetitions of this exercise.  Matt kept me honest by making me squat low before jumping up. 

My first time through, I made it to three rounds and had time left.  Matt told me to stop take a little more rest than the minute. He kindly ticked off each round on the white board.  I was completely winded by the end of each complete round the circuit.  My chest was hurting like I had done a sprint.  

There is part of me that really likes the simplicity of this workout, but it was hard.  After the 3rd round, Matt didn't write down my three.  I reminded him as I certainly wasn't going to repeat it.  

Post Thanksgiving Body Weight Workout for the Win

Unfortunately, the Saturday group workout was cancelled due to the holiday, but there was a Friday morning workout lead by Lesley that looked awesome from the Facebook pictures, but I wasn't back in town in time to make it.  Drat.  I heard about that workout since from some of my classmates and it was killer they said.  

Thankfully, I had a body weight workout that Matthew had put together for me back when I went to Virginia for Baconpalooza that I received too late to do while on my trip.  

It began with a push up ladder doing 10 sets increasing the repetitions by 1 each set from 1-10.  This gave me the opportunity to use my push up stands.  My arms were shaking by the end of that, so I knew I was on the right track. 

Next up, tabata squats.  Matthew wasn't messing around.  8 rounds of 20 seconds of squats and 10 seconds of rest.  He did not specify what he meant by rest and since our definitions differ, I alternated between true rest (my definition) and holding the squat at the bottom (his definition) each round.  

I alternated between the two final exercises in this circuit:  crunches and knee tucks.  He assigned 3 rounds of 33 reps of each of these exercises.   This was incredibly difficult and I had to take a few breaks during each round but I completed all of the repetitions.  My paleo kitties added difficulty to this routine as they saw my hair/head  as a moving play toy.  

Short, sweet, but effective.  That's Efficient Exercise at the gym or at home.  I can't wait to get back into the gym next week.  

Informal poll:  Did anyone else's family look at them funny for doing some post Thanksgiving meal squats?  

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