Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Efficient Exercise Week 23

One on One: New Twists

This weeks' one on one workout brought a new twist on an old favorite a new exercise.  We started out with a warm up on the 360.  What's great about Efficient Exercise is that you are never going to do the same workout twice.  

Matthew had me do 30 seconds of cross punch, but not the usual cross punch.  This time he wanted me to punch twice with each arm.  While this doesn't seem like that much of a change, it does wear your arms out in a different way.  We followed the double cross punch with 30 seconds of push pull.  

Once my shoulders were warmed up, we started with the first mini circuit.  The first exercise was entirely new exercise to me:  bent bar pull overs.  He had set up the bent bar with two large 10 pound bumper weights.  He had me lie down on a bench and he handed me the weight with my arms extended over my chest.  From that position I was to lower the weight over my head toward the floor. He used the bumper weights to give me a good guideline for the range of motion for the exercise. They also prevented me from take the weight too far back.  We did two sets of this exercise.  The first round he had me do 2 sets of 10 repetitions.  The second round he had me do 2 sets of 8.  

During the sets of 8 my shoulder started to hurt in an injury type way so Matthew switched up the exercise.  He had me reposition myself on the bench so that only my shoulders were on the bench and I held up my torso in a bridge with my feet on the floor.  He then handed me a dumb bell.  This eliminated the shoulder pain.  He emphasized the importance of not letting the dumbbell hit me in the face.  Luckily, it did not.  

Between the pull down sets, I put some time in on the ARx horizontal press.  In my 2 sets of 5 and 3 reps, I hit 400 foot pounds of pressure once.  

The next mini circuit in the workout took me from the ARx leg press to the Russian leg curl.  Matthew had me do two sets of 5 and 3 repetitions.  For the Russian leg curl, again, Matthew had a new twist.  He took away the rubber block that I usually use as a stop for my range of motion and instead stood in front of me and told me to touch his hands wherever he held them in front of me.  How much do you want to bet he held them at a point that involved a larger range of motion than I'd typically do with the rubber block?  Yup.  

We finished the workout strong with kettle bell swings.  Matthew had me do 3 rounds of 30 seconds of swings followed by 10 seconds of rest.  Matthew said it should feel like a sprint and it in fact did.  If you can get through that workout with your your triceps and calves screaming, you are a far stronger person than me.  

Group Workout:  Pretty People Everywhere

When I arrived at the gym for the group workout this week, it was full of people and activity.  Keith Norris and Mark Alexander were there as well as a few super fit/ripped pretty people there for a photo shoot.  Talking about pretty people, Lesley O'Neal walked through the door ready to workout with the class.  I love it when the trainers show up to train.  Just like when Matthew works out with me, you get to see the intensity that they approach the workout with and it gives you and idea of what you can do.

With Lesley, there were only three of us, all ladies, total.  I think Matthew felt a bit out numbered.  

I started with the lunge dumbbell curl.  Matthew made sure to remind me to get low in the lunge.  I used 15 pound weights.   

After Matthew wrote out the workout, he realized that we weren't going to be able to get on the ARx leg press as it was being used by Keith, so he substituted the Tru-Squat.  This was the next station for me.  This is a hard exercise as it prevents you from cheating any part of the movement by holding you in position.  Matthew spotted me through the minute.  

From the Tru-Squat, the next exercise was the wall sit.  These two exercises put together are actually quite challenging.  I had no one to talk to do distract me from my hamstrings that were yelling at me during the wall sit.  The good news is that I made it through my two rounds of both the Tru-Squat and wall sits.  The last repetitions of the Tru-Squat hurt but I knew I could do it.  

Next up, Matthew's new favorite exercise, the 360 double cross punch.  The renegade row challenged my triceps that were still a bit sore from the one on one session.  I used a 15 pound weight.  During the jumping pull up, Matthew wanted us to focus on the negative.  

Because we didn't partner up, there weren't any true off minutes to do the bonuses.  I was really quite worn out after this workout but felt guilty for not doing any of the bonuses.  Matthew suggested I do 3 sets of 20 wide leg sit-ups and call it a day.  I complied and I was ready to call it a day.  I was a literal hot mess in the middle of some perfectly coiffed make-upped hard bodied models.  In some ways, this could be a nightmare, but the work has to be done at some point.  I'm certainly enjoying doing to work at Efficient Exercise.  

Blog Note:  I love that I live in Austin and have found my way to Efficient Exercise and have access to health/fitness experts like Keith Norris.  Over the past few weeks, I saw Keith talking about a new nutritional company that will be launching next month called IDLife.  This company will be providing high quality nutritional supplements that are individualized for the person taking them. Keith has been consulting with this company with respect to what will be in these supplements with an eye toward getting them as compliant with a paleo template as possible.  

What does this have to do with the blog?  In true Guinea pig style, I'm going to give these supplements a try and report back on my experience.  I still take a few supplements and have a bin full of ones I've tried and don't take any more.  I'm completely intrigued by the idea of having a supplement made for me specifically.  The company has not launched yet and based on Keith's involvement, I've enrolled so that I can be a founding member.  

For the moment, without trying the product, it was a great way for me to save money on the supplements to try them and well, if I like them, I'll be able to share them all with you.  If I don't like them, well I'll have at least saved some money in the experiment.  If you would like to be a Guinea pig with me or have been looking for a new business opportunity, check them out here.  I went to a business meeting led by the company's vice president last night and it looks like they have a solid plan. I can't wait to try out the supplements.