Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Efficient Exercise: Week 20

One on One Workout:  There is no try. 

After a quick warm up of arm circles on the 360, Matthew took me over to a 15 pound barbell and had me do 10 push pulls for additional warm up.  He added some weight and explained that he wanted me to do 21 push pulls with that bar and then 21 kettlebell swings with the 45 pound kettlebell.  He said that getting to 21 push pulls would take a while.  I got started and stayed focused on getting through 21 as fast as I could.  It got hard toward the end but I kept pushing.  I took a second and picked up the kettlebell  and did 21 swings.

Next up, Matthew told me was 15 push pulls, 15 kettlebell swings, and then 9 of both exercises.  In the middle of the 15 kettlebell swings, I started to feel my legs shake.  While I know that I'm using my legs to get momentum for the weight in the push pull, doing the kettlebell swing right after shows me just how much.  While these moments hurt and are challenging, I like it when my body and the exercises that Matthew has chosen show me just what muscles I'm using in my body.  

Next up, something a bit different, a v-grip blast strap row.  I did 4 sets of 12 of this exercise.  Matthew had me alternate this exercise with 4 sets of 8 Russian leg curls.  While remarking on the instant cramp in my hamstring, Matthew and I talked a bit about my fatigue from the push pulls and he said he was really impressed that I made it through 21 repetitions in a row the first time through.  I laughed because when he told me to do it and that it would take a while,  I didn't interpret that as many attempts.  I told him that it never entered my mind that I had the option of not finishing 21 the first time through.  How's that for positive attitude?  

The final exercise of the day was two sets of 3 ARx wide pull downs.  

Group Work Out:  Got triceps? 

It was another pretty but a little chilly day, so part of our group workout this week was outside.  There were four bonus exercises in this workout so I never had a rest minute as I got through them 3 times each.  There were six of us total.  

I was so happy to see one of my favorite exercises on the board, the plank.  After I had completed my first round of planking, I saw Andrew ask Matthew to put a weight plate on his back.  What an awesome idea.  On my second round through, I asked Matthew to do the same for me.  He put a 25 pound weight plate on my back.  It certainly guarantees that you hold your body still so that the weight doesn't fall off of your back.  I was asked if it was hard, and it made it harder but in my mind, the entire time I thought about the fact that until recently, I was carrying that 25 pounds+ on my body all the time.  It puts my progress at Efficient Exercise in perspective.  

If you did the bonuses, there were two different rows in this workout.  The first was the landmine row. To do this exercise you use the T-Bar with the V-Grip and row.  

The next row, was on the ARx.  I managed to get over 400 foot pounds of pressure twice during my 3 attempts of this exercise.  

If you're triceps weren't tired enough from the rows, the cable triceps press down was sure to finish them off.  Ouch.  I did 50 pounds on this exercise.  

The walking lunges and kettlebell swing was outside.  When I went out for the first round of kettlebell swings it felt kind of cool outside, but by the second round, the cool felt really good.  

Matthew didn't forget the biceps either.  The biceps suspension trainer curl seemed really hard.  

Second to the plank, I really enjoyed the crunches we used an ab mat pad that supports your low back. Nice.  

I was really surprised that my triceps were as sore as I expected them to be the next day.  

This was a great week.  My attitude was good and I never had one of those moments where I felt like I couldn't make it through something that I've seemed to have had too many of lately.  

What makes for a good week in the gym for you?