Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Efficient Exercise: Week 19

One on One Recap:

One area that I know I need to work on is my lower body/leg strength.  After years of codling my body due to a hip issue, I'm not as strong as I should/could be and my balance isn't great.  

Matthew is working hard to remedy this.  My one on one workout was a leg day this week.  

There were four exercises in this workout. I was so tired at the end of the workout, I had a hard time remembering the order or how we went back and forth between them, but I think you'll get the point if I just list them.  The first exercise was the hip press.

For warm-up, Matthew had me do twenty repetitions with two hundred pounds.  Followed by 15 reps with 345 and 4 at 370.  The 370 was extremely hard, and a new personal best for me on this exercise.  

Next up, the glutimator.  Matthew loaded 90 pounds on the machine and I did two sets with fifteen and twelve repetitions.  

The third exercise hit my lower abs, knee ups.  We only did two sets of this exercise with 12 and 10 repetitions each. And finally, just for "fun" Matthew says, the ARx pulldown.  I did three sets of this exercise.  In each set, I did 4 repetitions holding for three seconds at the bottom of the pulldown.  

In this workout, I focused on maintaining a can do attitude.  370 pounds on the hip press?  Yes, can do. This doesn't mean I don't give Matthew a hard look from time to time or that its easy.  

Group Work Out:  Who says you can't get a new personal best in a group workout?

People often ask me about the difference between the one on one workout and the group workout. Typically, because the one on one workout is more intense than the group because all of the focus is on you.  Your trainer can put of of his/her attention into pushing you and that can lead to new personal bests.  Well, in this group workout, I learned you can obtain new personal bests even in the group work out.  

There were six of us on this Saturday afternoon.  I was partnered with Colleen.

Even though Matthew's attention is divided amongst the group, he's pretty good at making sure you're getting the most out of your workout.  It's not an uncommon experience for Matthew to come add weight to a machine during my on minute in the circuit or suggest a higher set of weights that he might not have set out.  It's not that I'm slacking, but  I'll likely never push myself as hard as Matthew will push me. 

I believe we started with the cable press down.  On the first round I used 50 pounds for this and then went down to 45 on the second round.  When it got hard to complete a repetition with good form, Matthew told us to hold the weight at the top for a few seconds.  

I made it through 3 rounds of each bonus.  Matthew kindly added weight to the glutimator while I was trapped and strapped into the machine.  I didn't pay attention to how much.  

On the goblet squats, I used a 35 pound weight on the first and 40 pounds for the second.  While I did them, I thought about the last time I did this exercise and focused on going deep and keeping my chest up.  

On the bend over row, on the first round I did 30 pounds.  Matthew said that was the least I should be lifting on that.  On the second round, I decided to go up to 35 pounds.  Matthew introduced me to using weight straps on my hands to help me hold the weight.  While a pain to get set up in a hurry, they really did help.  

When we got to the ARx leg press, I was hitting a little over 400 foot pounds of pressure.  Matthew sees this and bets me I can make 500.  Most of my friends know that I never shy away from a challenge.  Take a look at this!  500+!  This was really cool to me as the night before I'd walked all over ACL festival, so my legs were a bit tired.  Now, I only did it once, but  did it.  


This just shows, even if all you do is a group workout, you can reach new personal bests and push yourself with the guidance of your trainer.  

Results:  I've always been a swimmer because of my hip issues, but even with swimming, I had arthritis in my hips from a very young age.  I developed daily Advil habit to combat those aches and pains.  When I first started working out at Efficient Exercise and doing exercises like the hip press and glutimator I wondered the world of hurt I'd have due to my joint issues.  Yes, I've been sore, but I've not had any added arthritis type pain at all.  A good part of this absence of pain is attributable to my diet.  I'm no longer eating calcium leaching low fat dairy products and eating an abundance of calcium rich green vegetables along with healthy fats.  I eat grass fed/pastured meats and gelatin/collagen rich bone broths.  These things I believe have eliminated my joint pain to the point that I don't take joint supplements anymore.  Another part of this is the expert training I receive at Efficient Exercise. Matthew knows how to push me hard without causing me injury.  

Recommended Reading:   I wanted to share another great article that Keith Norris just published over at Ancestral Momentum/Theory to Practice giving a great overview "On Diet, Nutrition and Supplementation."  Summarizing paleo and living a paleo lifestyle can be incredibly hard to summarize. Keith does a great job of giving the lay of the paleo land so to speak.  There's no reason that living a paleo lifestyle has to be difficult.