Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Efficient Exercise Week 17

Just when I think I'm doing good, Matthew shakes things up.

One on One Workout Recap: How coachable are you?

Matthew wrote out the workout on the board and we got right to work with the blast strap knee tuck.  

This is the exercise where you put your feet in the suspended trainer straps and hold yourself up in a push up position and bring your knees in to your tummy.  The past few times I've done this exercise it's been in the middle of a group workout and I've had significant trouble. My trouble is usually that my arms are tired and I have a hard time holding myself up much less bring my knees in.  This time, I had no trouble holding myself up but my abs were still fatigued from doing 5 rounds of ab roller in the group workout the previous week.  I made it through my 2 sets of 10 reps.  

Next up, overhead weighted lunges.  I had just been thinking about how much better my balance and core strength has gotten.  I know when I'm doing exercises in lunge stances I think much less about my balance.  On this day, however, I was having trouble.  

Matthew had me hold a 25 pound weight plate overhead while lunging.  For some reason, especially on my right side, I was having trouble keeping my balance at the bottom of the lunge.  Once I lost my balance and somehow fairly gracefully ended up on both knees hugging the weight.  Then I just outright tripped on myself.  Matthew looked concerned and reminded me to lock the out up top and focus on pushing the weight up.  I did this but it was still challenging for me on this day.  He had me do 12 repetitions with each leg.  

I was glad to head over to the 360 for a little familiar stable push pull and cross punch and the ARx exercises.  I had a new high on the horizontal bench press in this workout.

The real work today came with the goblet squat.  

Before we get started with the workout Matthew always asks me how I'm doing.  I've usually just come from work, so work is still on my mind.  Matthew asked me what makes a good or bad client and I replied that a good client is one who listens to me.  Matthew could relate.  He told me that many of his clients don't listen to him when he gives advice on form and in the end, they are only cheating themselves when they don't listen.  

He told me that he was talking to someone recently about listening and that he had said I was really good at listening to him.  I told him at times it appears that I don't listen to him, but I think that's more of a function of translating what I've just seen into physical action.  I've been told in the past that I am very coachable in the past and I'm used to being coached from my swimming background.  In my mind, if I've engaged an expert to teach me something, I better try to do what they tell me to do. 

So what does this have to do with the goblet squat?  On the first round of the workout, Matthew had me do two sets of 10 repetitions with 40 pounds.  That was challenging.  During the second round, Matthew coached me a bit.  He says he would like to see really good form with the weight.  The better quality of my squat, the fewer repetitions I'd have to do.  I needed to go deep into the squat position without leaning forward and push out keeping my knees out.  Because I listened, I only had to do 5 repetitions.  This was hard, but important for me to do.  

Group Workout: 

This group workout was a fairly large group with 10 people.  There were a few new faces.  I was again paired up with Efficient Exercise trainer Andrew.  

We started out on on the ARx Horizontal Row.  

After my first minute, I immediately started on the bonus exercises.  First up, the Russian leg curl.  I have not done this without getting an instant cramp in my glutes.  

After struggling through a minute of burpees, It was time for the hip press.  Matthew manned the hip press through out the workout.  During my first round on the hip press, he tells me, this is a workout that will wear you out.  I sensed that.  He had me warm up for a few reps before adding weight to total 300 pounds.  The second round through, I had 300 pounds on for the full minute.  

Have I mentioned how much I dislike knee ups?  I never feel like I get better at them.  I dislike them so much, once I'd finished going through the bonus exercises 4 times each, I did my second minute of knee ups out of sequence just to get them over with.  I used a 35 pound weight on the dumbbell side bends.  I think I could have done more, but I knew that 35 pounds would make me plenty sore the next day.  
I proudly stuck with my new standard 45 pounds on the kettle bell swing.  

This workout out group was super quiet.  We were all hard at work but our fire cats were not in attendance this day to bring up the noise level.  Matthew was right, this workout did wear me out.  

At the end of the workout, I stayed and watched Matthew coach a newer member of the group on the kettlebell swing.  I love having access to so much great information at Efficient Exercise.  I love watching Matthew's excitement in training.  

How coachable are you?  If you don't listen to your coach/trainer, why not? 

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