Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Efficient Exercise: Week 15

I returned form the Save Your Bacon weekend a little body and mind tired, but ready to get back in the gym.  Matthew was doing a workout when I got there.  I love watching the trainers train.  It give you and idea of the focus and intensity you need to put into these exercises.  When our appointed workout time arrived, he pulled out a marker and writes what we were going to do up on the board. 

One on One Recap:  "After 6, it's easy."

For those who doing read "Efficient Exercise" short hand, it was a ladder workout doing 10 reps down to 1 of three exercises:  the hip press, X-Ccentric Pulldown, and the bench press.  He said we were doing this for time, so no dilly dallying.  

Before getting started, we set up the bench press to determine what weight he wanted me to do.  I did a few repetitions before Matthew settled on 60 lbs.  

We started on the hip press with 300 pounds with 10 repetitions.  I moved quickly over to the next station, the X-Ccentric Pulldown, trying not to trip on some weight plates strewn in my path.  I'd not done the pull down on the X-Ccentric before.  You use the end on the left of the picture with the handles rather than the end on the right that has a bar.  Matthew stood at the bar end and regulated the weight for me.  

After 10 repetitions of pulldowns, I rushed over to the bench press station.   To give you an idea of the distance between stations take a look at my fancy graphics enhanced picture.  

I'm happy to report I did not trip or fall down once getting from station to station.  I can say as I worked down from 10 reps per exercise down to 1, my legs were getting pretty tired.  Matthew said that once you get passed the 6th round, that things get easier.  Yes and no.  They get easier in that there are less reps, but they were rather fatigued reps.  

Group Workout:  The Men's Weight

There were only 7 people for this group workout and I was partnered with Marty.  I often wonder if any of my classmates read the blog and evidently at least 2 stopped by the week before this workout.  Yay!  

Matthew went through the workout before we started and gave suggested weights for the men and women.    

I believe Marty and me started with the medicine ball Russian twist.   I used an 8 pound medicine ball for that.  We moved through the workout and as usual the knee ups were the hardest exercise for me. The glutimator was the second most challenging exercise for me.  Matthew gave a goal of getting 20 repetitions with 70 pounds in a minute.


My victory for the day came at the kettlebell station.  The suggested women's weight was 30 or 35 pounds.  After Matthew had me do the 45 pounds the week before, I went after the 45 pound "man's weight."   Now I know I shouldn't compare myself to others, but in this instance, some of the hard charging men in my class couldn't make it through a minute of kettlebell swings with this weight.  I was proud.  Heck, I am proud.  

I met my ongoing goal to do all of the bonus exercises at least 3 times.  I actually did the bonuses 4 x each except for the chin ups.  I thought about doing a fourth round of chin ups but decided it would be more of me just jumping as this workout completely fatigued my arms.  I usually take some notes after the workout and my hands were shaking as I wrote.  

What are you proud of in the gym?  Any victories to share?