Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Paleo Movement: Efficient Exercise Week 12

I'd never gotten the impression that Matthew was going easy on me in any regard until this week.

One on One Recap: J-Reps Part 2- AKA NOODLE LEGS

This workout started like many with some kettlebell swings.  After I was warmed up, Matthew had me do some dead-lifts with the trap bar.  The weight totaled 85 pounds.  He had me do 3 sets of 3.  From there we went to the Russian leg curls.  This is where a little muscle tightness in my low back made itself known to me.  

From there, Matthew had me do some 360 combined with planking.  I was enjoying myself.  And then the workout began.

We went over to the hip press and he says that we are going to do J-Reps again.  I had gotten over my fear of J-Reps a few weeks ago, so I didn't think much of it.  I knew it would be hard, but manageable. This time Matthew threw in that I needed to keep my pace slow.  Slow?  Yes, slow.  

This was incredibly hard.  I've not felt so noodle legged in my life when I stood up from the hip press. NOODLES!  Thankfully, I was done for the day.

Group Workout Recap:

Matthew is really giving it it his all with these group workouts.  They have been intense and some sick part of me likes it that way.  

My partner and I started with the ARx Overhead Press.  I was giving it my all until Wes, let out a realistic cat meow noise and made me lose it laughing.  Matt had called Wes and his partner the fire cat team or something like that.  You probably had to be there, but it cracked me up.  I figured I'd make up for it in the second round.  

From there, we went to the scissor kicks which are one of those deceptively hard body weight exercises.  I had to take a break or two during that minute on both rounds.  

I hit a new high on the ARx leg press with a 400+ repetition which made me happy.  I could only do it once but it gives me something new to strive for since I know my body can do it.  

The next exercise was something new to me: the true squat.  I'd seen this little device and wondered what one did with it and now I know.  You stand with your feet under the round rollers and your calves against the rectangular pads.  While holding a weight plate (or not) you squat.  This is scary for a few reasons until you just tell yourself that gravity and physics wont allow anything weird to happen.  

My partner and I both had the fear that this apparatus would flip while we were at the low point of the squat.  Matthew assured us this wasn't going to happen.  The other fear is that your going to squat low and won't be able to get back up due to the restrictions on your legs and you'll just fall over.  This didn't happen either.  I held a 25 pound weight plate while I did mine.  My first round of these felt wrong because I thought I was leaning too far forward, but Matthew says they were fine.  

Next up, my old favorite the kettlebell swing.  Matthew had set up a 20 pound (t-bar) and a 45 pound kettlebell.  I usually use a 35 pound.  I figured Matthew had a plan, so I picked up the 20 pound one and started my minute.  About 15 seconds in, Matthew points at the 45 pound kettlebell.  Uh oh.  This was a challenge.  You can do anything for 45 seconds he tells me.  Whew.  I used the 45 pound kettlebell for the full minute in the second round. 

I worked in the bonus exercises as the workout went along.  The first was a dumb bell side bend.  My first round of these I used 25 pounds but then upped it to 30 pounds.  

Since these stations were close to one another, I did these bends  right after doing the dumbbell lateral raises.  I started out with the 8 pounds but had to go down to the 5 before the minute was up.  Another deceptively hard exercise.  

Another bonus was the T-Bar Row, a hard but old favorite.  

The final bonus exercise was a banded push up.  You took an exercise band and looped it between your thumbs and rest of your fingers and put the band on your back.  You then do a push up with the band.  The band put a lot of pressure on my previously injured distal radius/wrist and I just didn't think it was worth it.  Rather than give up on the exercise all together, I did regular push ups on my knees. 

The Paleo Review:  Efficient Exercise Week 12

Wow.  Again, I will say wow.  In my hour in the gym this past week, I demanded a lot from my body and it came through and met those demands.   

I've had a few muscle knots and have felt a little off kilter so I've been doing some mobility work with rollers and lacrosse balls at home to try to loosen myself up.  Doesn't everyone have a basket like this in their living room?  

Results and Community:  Right after this workout, I hurried over to a primal meet up group presentation that was being given by Dr. Lane Sebring.  I've seen him at both PaleoFX events and even if his message is largely the same at each talk, he's one of those paleo presenters/professionals that I just like to hear speak.  It was nearly standing room only.  After the talk, I saw a few people I had not seen since Paleo FX in March.  

One person noted I'd lost weight but asked if I'd gotten taller.  Nope.  But I'm adding better posture to my list of results from my Efficient Exercise.  I think I am standing a little taller these days both in pride in myself but also in an actual physical way.  

I'd joined the primal meet up group here in Austin, but I'd never gone to an event.  I need to go to more of them.  Keith Norris was there and Matthew came for a part of it before he needed to head back to the gym.  It really was nice to be around people who agreed with the way I've decided to live my life nutritionally.  If you've not checked to see if there is a paleo/primal meet up group in your area, do it.