Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Paleo Movement: Efficient Exercise Week 9

By this time, I had found out that despite my doctor’s complete freak out, I was not in fact dying. There is a minor issue, that I can’t say isn’t a little worrisome, but not the worst case scenario that I had been distracting me from my workouts, and well, most everything. I was ready to HIIRT!

One on One Recap:

This one on one workout was a quick and dirty straightforward workout.  We were done before I knew it.  There weren’t any exercises that were new to me.  

We started with a mini circuit of kettlebell swings, ARx Leg Press, and the ab roller.  I went through those exercises two times.  

One of my favorites.

We then did a second mini circuit of 360 push pull and fly, overhead press and captain chair leg raises.  I was really surprised that the captain chair leg raises were a lot easier to do than the knee lifts done with the arm straps.   They are essentially the same movement.  Matthew says the difference is that with the captain’s chair, you aren’t having to stabilize as much as you do in the arm straps, so its easier. That makes sense.  

Imagine the captain's chair with me in it rather than the T-Bar.

At the end of the workout, while each individual exercise was challenging, I didn’t feel completely worked out.  I know Matthew said that each workout wouldn’t necessarily be designed to completely exhaust me, it just hasn’t happened in a while.  

Group Workout Recap:

This week we were back up to 6 people in the group workout so we paired up and got ready to work hard.  I was paired up with a new face to the group.  This was another straight forward workout for me.

My partner had only been to one other Efficient Exercise workout.  She was looking to me for guidance.  I felt bad that most of the time that she was doing the exercises I was doing bonuses.  After watching her go and do bonus chin ups, I don’t think she really needed any guidance. She was able to do several jumping chin ups.  I asked her what she did before coming to Efficient Exercise that she can do chin ups and she said she’d not exercised in over 2 years and those weren’t really chin ups because they were jumping.  When I went to try my bonus chin ups, they felt plenty real to me, even if jumping.  Everyone comes with different strengths and I am gaining strength each week.  I have to remind myself not to compare myself to others, at least not strength or ability wise, and that I’m working on it.  Matt assisted me during my first attempt at the chin ups which was awesome.  

I did all of the bonus exercises 2 times and the Russian twist 3 times.  Watching Matthew go after a workout has convinced me that I need to try to get the most out of each workout one on one or group. To that end, I've decided that at each group workout I am going to just attack all of the bonuses.

Matthew suggested 65 pounds for the ladies for the dead lift and indicated that we might need to adjust that for the row.  I kept the weight the same and while the row was challenging at that weight, it was doable.  

Dead lift and row? Completely doable.
Another one of the bonus exercises was a slow push up. It's name says it all as you basically do a standard push up as slow as you can. I did them on my knees. While doing the slow push-ups, I felt like I was moving pretty slowly, but then Matthew tells me to go even slower.  In my mind, I’m thinking if I go any slower, I’ll have stopped moving.  These were pretty challenging to do over a minute.  

The Paleo Review: Week 9 

I think this week in training was the most direct straight forward week of training I’ve had so far.  I knew most of the exercises. While I might not have felt completely wasted after these workouts, they were doing something as my shoulders were pretty sore the day after the group workout. I've not done a very good job of incorporating a walk into my day as Matthew has recommended. Truthfully, I'm having trouble getting up early enough to do it so I can still get to work on time. I go through periods where I just do not want to get out of bed regardless of how early I went to bed. Lately sleep has won over walk. I'm going to talk to Matthew about alternatives as I don't want to be a bad trainee.

Mood/Attitude:  While relieved that nothing serious was wrong with me medically, I think my week of not knowing left me worn out physically and mentally and I felt that a bit in the group workout. I'm human, but I gave it my all and that's all I can do.

Results: For all those who love the scale, my weight is not budging, but my clothes are all getting a bit looser. I now weigh myself strictly to have a record to point to that the scale means nothing. As a woman, I have a number in my mind that represents my goal weight, but have I ever been able to maintain it without either starving myself and doing crazy amounts of harmful steady state cardio? Nope. Never. I must say, I'm looking pretty darn good these days and I'm no where near that weight. I'm certainly not starving myself nor am I doing any steady state cardio. I'm starting to realize that was never a healthy place for me to be regardless of my outward appearance and that number, means nothing. I can be lean and healthy at a much higher number. As Keith says, your weight on the scale is only showing gravity's force acting on your body.

Nutrition- Just eat basic paleo ma'am:

It seems that I am bombarded lately in my inbox and social media with a variety of paleo gurus selling some "new tweak" to the basic Paleo template that will take my weight loss, performance, and/or insert favorable health attribute here to the "next level." I thank my lucky stars that I have Amy Kubal on my side nutritionally. When some of these things first started coming out, I'd email her and ask if whatever it was was my solution.  

The answer has always been no. And Amy, you now have it in writing, shared publicly, that you have always been right.  

I appreciate the consistent message I have always gotten from Amy. She says you just need to follow the basic paleo template for a year before you start exploring tweaks and supplements. In my mind, I hear her in the same tone as Joe Friday from Dragnet -"Just eat basic paleo, ma'am." She's written a great article for Robb Wolf on this subject.

If you are just getting started eating a paleo template/living a paleo lifestyle, sticking to the basic template is as close to a magic pill as you are ever going to find. Even once you have healed and are ready to start using your body as a science experiment of sorts, Keith Norris says it best, "...supplements are just that — supplements; enhancements.  Augmentation.  They certainly should never be considered alternatives to a solid diet and exercise regimen."

It's taken me a while to not be swayed by such paleo woo, but they say to keep it simple (stupid), so that's what I'm doing.  It's not failed me yet.  

Rumor is Amy Kubal will be offering some sort of nutrition services more formally at Efficient Exercise.  Once I get the details, I will share them!