Saturday, July 27, 2013

A New Efficient Exercise Project Transformation starts August 6th!

Happy Saturday afternoon everyone!  I was at Efficient Exercise for my group workout earlier today and I stayed to hear the details for the next Project Transformation program that will be starting Tuesday, August 6, 2013!  There is still room in the class, so if you are interested, contact them!  

While I'm sure they can give you more, details, I wanted to share what I learned in today's information meeting.  Now bear with me if you're not in the Austin area.  I think this information could be helpful to you as well.  How?  Well, Keith Norris led the meeting and he sets the gold standard for what a gym should offer you, in my opinion.  If you're looking for a HIRT or HIIRT program where you live, these are the sorts of things you should be looking to hear when you sign up.

Matthew and Keith look mighty serious here.  Serious about your fitness/health goals.
Keith led the meeting but Matthew Jones, Lesley O'Neal and Patrick Massey of the Efficient Exercise team were all present to offer insight and answer questions.  

Keith explained that the Project Transformation is to get you in the door and show you what Efficient Exercise can offer as it's hard to explain their program in a sound bite.  It's easier to show someone through experience.  I have to agree with that from my experience.  I often get in conversations with people and they say, oh so it's like Crossfit?  Um, no.  Keith actually said today that most have heard of Crossfit and P90X but that "won't be done here."  

High Intensity Interval Resistance Training (HIIRT) at Efficient Exercise gives you the intensity of those programs, but in a safe package.  I know that's something I value in my experience at Efficient Exercise, especially as someone knew to HIIRT. I know I am being monitored and the exercises I'm asked to perform don't call for me to do anything that give me any real fear of injury.  I might be hesitant because its new or outside my comfort zone, but I have not felt unsafe.  Keith says that everyone, regardless of their fitness level, can improve his/her fitness and health.  When you start at Efficient Exercise, Keith says they are going to meet you where you are fitness/health-wise and ease you into the program.  I can attest that is exactly what they do.  

Keith says that he wants Efficient Exercise to be it's client's point guard in his/her health.  He and his team have a wealth of knowledge and connections in the health and fitness community.  If you need answers, they can help you find them.  

What will the new Project Transformation Class include? 

Efficient Exercise has made some changes to the Project Transformation this time around.  This time around the Project Transformation is a 4 week program lead by Matthew Jones.  They decided upon 4 weeks because that has been shown to be the amount of time needed to form a new habit and what a great habit Efficient Exercise would be!  

There will be 2 workouts a week.  One workout will be a small Project Transformation Class up to 4 people.  Keith says that a good trainer, and Matthew is a good trainer, can monitor 4 people to insure all are using good form and getting their workout needs met.  The second workout of the week will be a group workout class up to 12 people.  This will give the participants exposure to the group workouts available to them after the transformation classes have concluded.  If you've followed my paleo movement posts, these classes are essentially the group workout classes I attend.  

See, Matthew can smile!
This time around, they will be holding a nutrition seminar after the 1st group workout with Amy Kubal. This will serve as a Paleo 101 class giving the basics of a paleo diet that will serve you in your performance goals and just leading a healthier lifestyle as well.  This is an exciting addition to the transformation.  I have worked with Amy for the past two years and as with everyone at Efficient Exercise, she is the best in her field.  Doing the right exercise is important, but giving your body the right fuel gives you the 1-2 punch that will take your health/fitness to the next level. I'm of the opinion you'll get that  1-2 punch at Efficient Exercise and the paleo diet.  

They will also be taking weight and waist measurements at the beginning of the class so that you can see your improvement on paper.  Keith emphasized the importance of not using your weight as a absolute measure of your progress.  During the program, you will make body composition changes that might not result in your weight going down, but will result in your pants fitting better.  Lesley shared that when she started lifting weights, she put 15 pounds on the scale.  Of course that was all muscle.   Based on my experience, you will see the improvement in your day to day life.  Your will feel better as well as look better.  

The program is a bargain at $150.  If you have any interest at all, I encourage you to contact Efficient Exercise and talk to them about joining this program.  If you have friends you think may be interested, please share this information with them.  Again, the program doesn't start until August 6, so there's still time!  Do it!