Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Robb Wolf's Indian Style Slaw

I'm always looking for easy side dishes that will take me out of my usual rut of simply sauteing some veggies in some sort of fat.  As I was looking for recipes to cook with my grass fed arm roast, I came across this recipe for Indian Style Slaw in Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution.  I've not seen where he has posted the recipe himself, but if you search the internet a bit, you may or may not be able to find this recipe.  Setting aside the mind blowing life changing information about nutrition in Robb's book, his easy recipes make the book worth purchasing, in my opinion.

You will want your ingredients ready to go as this dish comes together very quickly.  If you are going to use the optional tomatoes, get them chopped up before you start cooking.

After chopping my tomatoes, I added my mustard seeds to the oil and covered the pan.  After a few seconds they will begin to pop.  If you forget to cover your pan, you will have a mess!  After a few minutes, the popping will stop.

When I removed the lid, the aroma toasted seeds reminded me of popcorn.  I then added the bag of broccoli slaw, my tomatoes, cumin and turmeric.

As instructed, I sauteed the slaw for about 3 minutes and then added my lemon juice.  

I turned off the heat and gave the slaw a final stir.

Here's my bowl.  I know sometimes my pictures I post have a yellow tinge to them, but this dish really is yellow due to the turmeric   

Accessibility and Cost of Ingredients: I had a little bit of difficulty finding mustard seeds.  They did not have them at my "big box" store and the first "natural grocery" store I went to, Sprouts, did not have them either.  I went to Whole Foods, and they only had them in the bulk spice section, which was fine as I didn't need much.  I got .04 of a pound of mustard seed for 20 cents.  This was about 3 tablespoons.  You should be able to find everything else pretty easily and inexpensively at your big box grocery store.

Preparation / Cook Time:  The only preparation for this dish is to cut up your tomatoes if you use them.  The total preparation and cooking time for me was 15 minutes.

Clean Up: The clean up was minimal.

The Paleo Review:  Meh.  The flavor of this dish was alright, but not exciting to me.  If I made this again, I'd likely cook it for less time as the texture seemed a little mushy.  I had plenty of leftovers.

Do you have a good paleo broccoli slaw recipe?