Sunday, August 12, 2012

What in the world is the Paleo diet?

As I’ve talked with friends, colleagues and family about starting this blog many have no idea what the paleo diet is.  The paleo diet, to me, is eating a diet of whole real foods focusing on quality meats, vegetables and healthy fats.  There are a few foods that I avoid, but I would rather focus on the filling, scrumptious, healthy food I do eat - and you can eat too- here on this blog.

There are many great resources on the web if you are interested in the ways eating a paleo style diet can help your health.  I highly suggest Robb Wolf's website.  It is a good starting point for the paleo basics.  If you are looking for one on one help with concerns specific to you, I recommend his team of registered dietitians.  I have been working with Amy Kubal for the past year and cannot express my gratitude enough for how she has helped me enjoy eating again.  I had the pleasure of meeting her (in person) and Robb Wolf at PaleoFX in March.  

Amy Kubal, Robb Wolf and me
If you're looking for an informative piece on why a paleo diet avoids certain foods, I really enjoyed this article over at

Even if you don't buy in to the paleo diet, I hope you will try some of these recipes and see the value in adding more real food to your diet.